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Five years later ...

Hi everyone, I just want to check in, it has been a while since I posted an update on Caravogue House. It is hard to believe that we are opened for "FIVE YEARS" and we are still loving what we do.

To recap, I opened Caravogue House with my family's help in July 2019, A few months later, my brother, Rob, decided to join me to run Caravogue House full- time. and it has worked out amazingly. We haven't fallen "out" ... much, and we established within a few weeks,that we work very well together. Thank God 😊

In this time, we have welcomed many guests to Caravogue House and gained a lot of new friends, many who return to us on a regular basis, which we love!

Every day is a learning day at Caravogue,and I would like to share with you some tips and tricks,that we have learned along the way, mostly from guests who have stayed with us.

We hope that they are of interest and make your visit to Caravogue House and Ireland more enjoyable.

Flights, Travel,& Car Hire.

• Caravogue House is just 50 minutes from Dublin Airport, it is a wonderful place to spend your first night in Ireland.
• If you have a late flight, we can arrange a self-check-in, which means you can arrive at any time, without any pressure.
• If hiring a car, I would recommend not driving into Dublin City, just after getting off a flight. It takes time to get used to a new car and the “Irish roads” 😊.
• If hiring a car, price around, book well in advance and try your best to get an automatic car, it makes life easier.
• “Not hiring a car?” Do your research on modes of transport. I would recommend buses, as all towns, villages are accessible by bus. https://www.buseireann.ie/
• Some bus trips may require changing buses. Example: Going to Galway. Take a bus from Trim to Athlone, then another from Athlone to Galway.
• Also,research:https://about.leapcard.ie/ , You may be able to purchase a travel card for the time you are here.
• If not hiring a car, research guided day tours in each area you visit.
• Dublin is less than an hour away from us, public transport (bus) to the city departs from Trim daily, from 6am and hourly after that. The last bus back to Trim is 10pm. This means you can visit Dublin, without the stress of driving or paying for car parking.
• Buses from Trim also go to Navan, Drogheda, Kells, and surrounding areas.
• Trim is a central location for travel in any direction, North, South, East or West

Accommodation, (especially Caravogue House 😊, things to do & planning.

• We are also an excellent location for you, on your final night in Ireland.In the last few years, we have had so many guests stay with us on their first night, only to book a room for their last night. We love this, as we get to chat to you about your holiday.
• If you want to stay with us for more than 3days, send us an email, as we have secret exclusive offers, only available by email.
• Spend a few days in Trim, there is SO much to see and do. It is a great town to start or end your trip.
• Try to stay two nights in certain locations during your vacation.We have seen a lot of our guests trying to pack in as many destinations as possible, which is great, however the feedback is, they are exhausted on their last few days. Remember, although, Ireland is small, there is a minimum of 2-3hrs drive to each city/town. Some of our roads are narrow and need your full attention, it can be tiring, to say the least.
• Don’t over plan, it is great to follow guidebooks etc, however every town/destination is unique, leave time to explore and visit places that locals recommend, that are sometimes not advertised.
• City hotels are often more expensive than accommodation just outside Dublin or any city.
• When planning your vacation, always check if there is anything special going on in each area, Example: festivals, food markets, concerts etc. You may want to add them to your itinerary;however, you may want to avoid them, accommodation prices can increase during these times, it is also worth noting that if can cause a lot of traffic in the area.
• If you want to save money on accommodation, avoid cities and big towns. Stay on the outskirts.
• Major roads in and out of cities will be very busy at times, especially with people going and coming from work. Consider this when planning your trips. Busy times in and out of cities is usually from 7am -9am, 3.30pm -6pm
• Always have change in your car for tolls and road charges. (a great way to get rid of loose change).
• Large roads have a toll charge that must be paid during your stay, which are unavoidable at times. https://etoll.ie/driving-on-toll-roads/
• If a car beeps its horn at you … ignore them. They are just impatient and jealous you are on holidays, and they must work 😊.
• Book your accommodation as soon as possible, many providers will offer discounted offers for advance bookings, where possible, try to book direct, it is often less expensive when you book directly.
• Book room only rates and upgrade to breakfast when you arrive. You may need to leave before breakfast starts or might want to visit a local café in the area.
• The busy season in Ireland is April – September, sometimes it is difficult to find accommodation. Book in advance.
• If you are visiting famous or well-advertised landmarks, book your tickets as soon as possible! Example – If you want to visit Bru naBoinne / Newgrange, tickets book out extremely fast and there are limited spaces.
• If you are doing tours, get them done in the morning time, to give you more time in the afternoon.
• Check into your accommodation as early as possible, it means in most cases, you can leave your car parked and stretch your legs, after spending many hours driving. Arriving anywhere after 4pm is not recommended, as you are not giving yourself the opportunity to explore the area.
• Ask locals for recommendations on where to eat, sometimes the establishments with the best food are not the ones well- advertised.
• For your first pint of Guinness, visit an old Irishbar; there is one is every town 😊
• When planning your trip, Google areas to visit that are not advertised very well. https://www.ourescapeclause.com/ireland-off-the-beaten-path/. There are loads of other websites, do your research.
• For researching an area, I find https://www.discoverireland.ie/ very good, you can search any area or for independent information, I love https://www.theirishroadtrip.com/ they are also active on social media platforms.
• For Trim and discovering the area: https://www.discoverboynevalley.ie/

I hope this helps,wishing you a fantastic trip to Ireland and we really hope we get to welcome you to Caravogue House.

All the best,
Caroline & Rob x

Stay with us at Caravogue House,
while you visit Trim Castle

Few places in Ireland contain more medieval buildings than the heritage town of Trim.
Trim Castle is foremost among those buildings.

In fact, the castle is the largest Anglo-Norman fortification in Ireland. Hugh de Lacy and his successors took 30 years to build it.
The central fortification is a monumental three-storey keep. This massive 20-sided tower, which is cruciform in shape, was all but impregnable in its day. It was protected by a ditch, curtain wall and water-filled moat.
Modern walkways now allow you to look down over the interior of the keep, a chance to appreciate the sheer size and thickness of the mighty castle walls.
The castle is often called King John's Castle although when he visited the town he preferred to stay in his tent on the other side of the river. Richard II visited Trim in 1399 and left Prince Hal later Henry V as a prisoner in the castle
In fact, the castle is the largest Anglo-Norman fortification in Ireland. Hugh de Lacy and his successors took 30 years to build it.

Boyne Valley, where the adventure begins!

It's time to plan your adventure to the Boyne Valley, the birthplace of Ireland's Ancient East. Whether it's world-famous heritage sites or family fun in the great outdoors, the Boyne Valley has it all. This is where the adventure begins!

Have a look at the videos below to see what is on offer.

Boyne Valley, where the adventure begins

Boyne Valley, where the adventure begins for couples and solo travellers

Boyne Valley, where the adventure begins for families

There is plenty to see and do, from breath-taking landscapes to rolling countryside and waterways. The Boyne Valley was also named as one of the "World's Best Food Destinations" so you won't be short of great places to get a bite to eat, before relaxing in cosy and luxurious accommodation.

The Boyne Valley has a vibrant range of events for all ages and interests that run throughout the year, and can be viewed on the Boyne Valley's website's What's On page.

Caravogue House is delighted to announce that we will be reopening on the 29th June 2020.

A little background on us.
Caravogue House is a luxury boutique Bed & Breakfast situated in Trim, Co. Meath, just 30 minutes from Dublin Airport. A purposely built guesthouse with spacious guestrooms and communal areas with ample secure carparking onsite.

Conveniently located, just a two minute walk from the town of Trim, Trim Castle and within walking distance to the many heritage attractions along the river Boyne and surroundings that the beautiful town of Trim has offer.

A warm welcome awaits you, offering you the comfortable perks, standards & services of a superior hotel in a relaxed atmosphere to make you feel at home and enjoy an intimate stay at Caravogue House.

Caravogue House is the perfect location to explore Trim and to experience the Boyne Valley and Ireland's ancient east.


Our message to you

We are hoping you are all safe, keeping well and looking forward to traveling again when we reopen, we are so looking forward to welcoming guests to Caravogue House.

As always, your health & safety is so important to us and as a family at Caravogue, we want all our guests staying with us feel safe & secure. To avoid the spread of Covid 19, extra health & safety measures are currently being implemented and we are doing everything we can to provide a safe environment and a stay save care plan, which will follow the guidelines and recommendations developed by the HSE and government authorities. A lot has changed in the last few months, however the warm welcome and the high standards at Caravogue House has not changed, in fact we aim to do better. Lockdown has only reinforced how much we love having you stay with us and how much we missed welcoming guests through our doors.

Please see our link to our stay safe care programme : COVID 19 stay safe care plan of action


Update on Covid 19 in Ireland, 7th June 2020

On following the government guidelines, once we do not see an up surge in cases or a second wave of the coronavirus ,it looks promising that Ireland will fully reopen under a "new normal" from the 10th August , however each opening phase enables us to prepare to start planning a much deserved "get away" and we are so looking forward to reopening on the 29th June 2020.

It is unfortunate that at the moment pubs may not due to open until a later stage and it is hard to imagine traveling without enjoying a few cold pints & chilled vino been served to you in the unbeatable atmospheric ambient of Irish pubs, although all is not lost, as over the last few months we have all began to enjoy a few beverages in our home and Caravogue House is no different. Outside socially distancing seating is available for guests who would like to enjoy a drink, which you are welcome to bring with you or purchase locally and we can supply refrigeration, ice and glasses. During your time with us there is still so much to do and see in Trim & Country Meath and thankfully all our heritage & culture sites will be opened along with tourist activities. www.discoverboynevalley.ie

Please note this is a personal update for government updates please refer to official sites on travel and other information.



Closing Caravogue House to guests during Covid 19 was a sad time for us all and seeing the number of guests both from Ireland & worldwide having no choice but to cancel their reservations was difficult. We are now taking bookings for reservations and hope you will stay with us from the 29th June, we are also running special offers. Our room rates start from €39pps depending on the day and month you are traveling. To make it easier we are not charging a cancellation fee or do not require a deposit for the remainder of 2020.
Come stay with us!

We hope to see you soon
Best wishes from the Kearney Family at Caravogue House.


What Makes Caravogue House a 'Boutique' Bed & Breakfast?

Caravogue House has now been opened six months and I have loved every minute! I really enjoy meeting so many different people from all over the world and learning about their lives by listening to their stories, their opinions, and - most importantly - answering their questions about Caravogue, the heritage town of Trim or Ireland has taught me so much.

I have always wanted to run Caravogue House as a family business. My family have all been amazing helping me out over the last few months, however, the best news to date is I can now officially call Caravogue House a family run business, with my brother, Robert joining me full time on this exciting venture. This job just gets better and better!

One question I have been asked on many occasions is "why boutique?"

Despite my many reasons for including the word boutique in the name, I have to say that I did stumble a few times when answering this simple question. Coming from a family of over-thinkers, (should be my middle name), I couldn't help questioning myself. I even asked myself on a few occasions: "Was I being a tad pompous?", "Have I made a mistake in calling Caravogue a Boutique B&B?", so I re-examined and debated all of the reasons that I wanted to be known as Boutique.

The word 'boutique' itself comes from the French 'butik', meaning 'shop.' In English, a boutique is typically a small store that sells stylish clothing, jewelry or other luxury goods. The term 'boutique' was first used to describe hotels in the 1980s when a corporate executive compared his stay in a New York City hotel to visiting a boutique retail shop. The luxurious style, design and big personality of the hotel made it something special. Since then, the term has come to describe smaller, more intimate accommodations with a flair that always have a little extra to make an experience more memorable. A bed & breakfast, on the other hand, is typically family-owned and operated - guests can expect warm hospitality, a friendly welcome, and personalised service at a bed & breakfast. They often quickly feel like they are relaxing in a home away from home.

Combining the high-end amenities and class of a boutique with the personalized service of a bed & breakfast was and will always be my goal for Caravogue House.

At Caravogue, we offer all the little details I associate with a boutique experience. In the bedroom, all linen is clean, crisp and white. In the en-suite bathrooms, you will find fluffy white towels (no easy task with the popularity of a fake tan!) We provide our guests with high-quality organic toiletry products, soft bathrobes, complimentary water, high-speed internet access, and flat-screen TVs, and, most importantly, tea and coffee making facilities. The essential Nespresso machine will make a luxurious morning even better, with cafe-quality coffee brewed right in your room.

Each guest room also has close cap slippers, as I want guests to be able to flip off their shoes and walk around Caravogue in comfort. These details were important to me when I decided to open Caravogue House. They represent the finer things that I feel and hope to earn Caravogue its boutique title.

While the high standards, style, and luxury of a boutique experience were top of my mind when I opened Caravogue, so was the charm, cosiness, and individualized service of a bed & breakfast. To marry these ideas, I aim to personally meet and greet each of our guests; if I am not available, a member of my family will always be around with a proper, warm Irish welcome and to assist in any way that they are needed. We also take pride in the 'breakfast' aspect of our boutique bed & breakfast: you can start your day the right way with a hearty full Irish breakfast or choose from a selection of healthy, local produce options in our spacious, airy dining room. Freshly cut flowers will always be ready to greet you in the morning as you dine! I want my guests to experience exceptional service and leisure in all aspects of their stay and in stylish surroundings.

I also came across an article from the Irish Independent that resonated my goal at Caravogue and my reasons for calling Caravogue House 'boutique'. Read the article here.

I am proud to have a bed & breakfast, especially in the town that I grew up in and I hope that going above and beyond with extra comforts will give my guests that one-of-a-kind experience.

The icing on the cake was a testimonial I received from a lovely guest, Emily, who wrote after her stay

"Caravogue is listed as a B&B but I would consider it more of a boutique hotel. It had all the comfiness and hospitality from Caroline of a B&B but with the modern, upscale feel of a hotel." (Emily from Ireland (booking.com). Thank you, Emily - you will never know how much your kind words meant to me!

So, the little French word has come to mean a lot to me. It remains, at Caravogue House, a central component of what I hope to offer my guests. I hope it will always describe the essence of what we do and how guests feel at Caravogue. I am doing what I have always dreamed of doing and I hope this joy is apparent during your stay and that all of my guests will agree that I rightfully deserved to include 'Boutique' as part of the Caravogue House B&B name.

Take Your Caravogue Teddy On Your Travels!

On each bed we have a Teddy bear to welcome our guests, However, he or she wants to be adopted and to join you on your holidays.
They love to travel!

Here is how the adoption works for your Teddy:

  • Let us know if you want to adopt a Caravogue teddy bear and would like to bring your teddy on your travels.
  • Don't forget to name him or her!
  • Take the first image leaving Caravogue House
  • Take two images a day of your holiday can be sent to us directly or tag us on Facebook.
  • Let us know how you are getting on and how he or she is behaving!
  • We will keep track of the counties, places you have visited and name your adventure under your Teddy's name online (it means other guests can decide to follow your trail)
  • Once you have arrived home and your teddy has settled in, send us a picture so we can see how happy our teddy is.
  • We will then send you a questionnaire about your holiday in Ireland that will be published on our blog. This way, other guests can learn from you experiences.

If you would like to be a part of our Teddy bear adventure and adoption, then just let us know.

Get in touch
Welcome to my first blog post for Caravogue House, a luxurious boutique Bed & Breakfast located in the heritage town of Trim in County Meath.

My name is Caroline and I recently opened Caravogue House. I have worked in the hotel industry since I was 15 years old (I won't be mentioning my current age!) and my interest and passion for the industry has only grown stronger each year. Thursday August 1st 2019 will always be a memorable date for my family and I, as that is when Caravogue House proudly opened its doors for business.

When I was studying Hotel Management in Galway, I wrote a thesis about opening a boutique Bed & Breakfast that would offer all of the high standards and services of a top hotel, but in a more relaxed homely atmosphere. I can happily say that I have now achieved this dream of mine. I hope that all of the little extras in our bedrooms, for example: bathrobes and Nespresso machines - will give our guests a little more luxury during their stay. They are also guaranteed a true warm Irish welcome on arrival.

It is a super exciting time and we are very much looking forward to welcoming guests to Caravogue House

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